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Remove unwanted hair with sensitive wax, suitable for all skin types


Strip Wax
Here at Sì Salon we use a sensitive cream wax suitable for all skin types. This is perfect for the face, legs, underarm and intimate areas. In order for our therapists to be able to complete this treatment the hair needs to be the length of a grain of rice.

Hot Wax 
The Hot Wax provides the same results as the strip wax. The hot wax used at Si Salon is suitable for all skin types. Perfect for intimate areas. Hair can be longer than a grain of rice. For this treatment we do not use not use strips, the wax is simply peeled off once dry.

Brows  £12 - Shape and tidy
Lip £10
Chin £10 
Lip and Chin £16
Half Face £20 - Jaw line and below cheek bone 
Half Leg £25
Full Leg £40
Underarm £15
Half Arm £15 
Bikini Line £25 - Any hair outside of the underwear line 
Extended Bikini Line£30  – A small section inwards from the underwear line 
Brazilian £40 – All intimate waxing excluding a line left on pelvic bone 
Hollywood £40 – All intimate areas 

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