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Individual Eyelash Extensions 
Famous for our beautiful individual eyelash extensions, each eyelash is handpicked to give your natural eyelash extra length and volume. We have a large selection of different length and curls to open up your eyes to create your desired look. Ideal for holidays, special occasions and everyday wear. Prepare to be addicted! 

Classic Lashes
Full Set £60 – Every individual eyelash (Approx 90mins) 
Half Set £40 – Every other eyelash to create a more natural look, perfect if you are apprehensive about a full set and are trying eyelash extensions for the first time (Approx 60mins) 
Corner Flicks £30 – Opens the eye and adds a little length and volume to your outer corners, natural with instant results (Approx 30mins) 

Russian Lashes
Full Set £80 – Extra volume, more dramatic effect than the Classic. All eyelash extensions used are handmade  2D – 7D fans that provide you with fuller and fluffier eyelashes (Approx 120mins) 
Half Set £60 – If your natural eyelashes are sparse and you are looking to achieve a more natural looking effect then these are the eyelash extensions for you! (Approx 80mins) 

Hybrid Lashes
Full Set £75 – A mixture of Classic and Russian eyelashes for those who can’t decide! (Approx 120 mins) 
Half Set £50 – (Approx 70 mins) 

Every eyelash is on a 60-90 day cycle. We recommend you pop in for an infill every 2-3 weeks. This is where we remove any eyelash extensions that have grown away from the base of the natural eyelash and replace it with a new extension. We will also apply new extensions to any new eyelashes that may have grown, keeping your eyes looking full and fresh. 

2 Week Infill 
Classic £30 (Approx 45mins) 
Hybrid £35 (Approx 60mins) 
Russian £36 (Approx 70mins) 

3 Week Infill 
Classic £35 (Approx 45mins) 
Hybrid £40 (Approx 60mins) 
Russian £45 (Approx 80mins) 

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