Individual Eyelash Extensions 

Famous for our beautiful individual eyelash extensions, each eyelash is handpicked to give your natural eyelash extra length and volume. We have a large selection of different length and curls to open up your eyes to create your desired look. Ideal for holidays, special occasions and everyday wear. Prepare to be addicted! 


Classic Lashes

Full Set £60 – Every individual eyelash (Approx 90mins) 

Half Set £40 – Every other eyelash to create a more natural look, perfect if you are apprehensive about a full set and are trying eyelash extensions for the first time (Approx 60mins) 

Corner Flicks £30 – Opens the eye and adds a little length and volume to your outer corners, natural with instant results (Approx 30mins) 


Russian Lashes

Full Set £80 – Extra volume, more dramatic effect than the Classic. All eyelash extensions used are handmade  2D – 7D fans that provide you with fuller and fluffier eyelashes (Approx 120mins) 

Half Set £60 – If your natural eyelashes are sparse and you are looking to achieve a more natural looking effect then these are the eyelash extensions for you! (Approx 80mins) 


Hybrid Lashes

Full Set £75 – A mixture of Classic and Russian eyelashes for those who can’t decide! (Approx 120 mins) 

Half Set £50 – (Approx 70 mins) 



Every eyelash is on a 60-90 day cycle. We recommend you pop in for an infill every 2-3 weeks. This is where we remove any eyelash extensions that have grown away from the base of the natural eyelash and replace it with a new extension. We will also apply new extensions to any new eyelashes that may have grown, keeping your eyes looking full and fresh. 


2 Week Infill 

Classic £30 (Approx 45mins) 

Hybrid £35 (Approx 60mins) 

Russian £36 (Approx 70mins) 


3 Week Infill 

Classic £35 (Approx 45mins) 

Hybrid £40 (Approx 60mins) 

Russian £45 (Approx 80mins) 

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Treatments & Price List


Why not tint your lashes or brows or both! This treatment instantly shapes the eye adding colour to your brows or darkening your lashes. Enhancing the length and brightening the eyes. Tint lasts 2-3 weeks depending on the natural oils of your skin.


Lash Tint £18 (Approx 20mins)   

Brow Tint £15 (Approx 20mins) 

Lash and Brow Tint £30 (Approx 30mins)   


Sì Brows £30 – Tint, Wax, Pluck, Trim, Reshape and Measure to create symmetrical brows. If you are missing hairs then not to worry, our tint tints the skin slightly to give a high definition look. Brows last 2-3 weeks before needing a tidy or a bit of added colour (Approx 30mins) (Brow lover? Check out our subscriptions)

Semi Permanent Make-up

Prices vary from £200


From a soft power brow to fine hair strokes here at Sì Salon we can work with you to achieve your desired look.


All semi permanent treatments require you to attend a FREE consultation with one of therapists. During which any questions you may have will be answered. We will carry out a patch test to ensure no reaction occurs as a result of the treatment. 


**Our therapists will be able to provide you with a quote at your consultation**

Brow Lamination 

£35 Get fuller fluffier brows with this new and popular treatment. 

Treatment includes: Perm, tint, wax, reshape and measure.

Guaranteed amazing results that will last for 4-6 weeks 


£36 LVL is one of the fastest growing treatments in the Beauty industry and you can see why.

It’s quick and great value with amazing results!

Achieve longer looking curlier lashes that last 6-8 weeks.

Length Volume Lift 


Strip Wax

Here at Sì Salon we use a sensitive cream wax suitable for all skin types. This is perfect for the face, legs, underarm and intimate areas. In order for our therapists to be able to complete this treatment the hair needs to be the length of a grain of rice.


Hot Wax 

The Hot Wax provides the same results as the strip wax. The hot wax used at Si Salon is suitable for all skin types. Perfect for intimate areas. Hair can be longer than a grain of rice. For this treatment we do not use not use strips, the wax is simply peeled off once dry.


Brows  £12 - Shape and tidy

Lip £10

Chin £10 

Lip and Chin £16

Half Face £20 - Jaw line and below cheek bone 

Half Leg £25

Full Leg £40

Underarm £15

Half Arm £15 

Bikini Line £25 - Any hair outside of the underwear line 

Extended Bikini Line £30  – A small section inwards from the underwear line 

Brazilian £40 – All intimate waxing excluding a line left on pelvic bone 

Hollywood £40 – All intimate areas 


Back Neck and Shoulder – Unwind and allow our therapist to release any tension with a 30 minute back neck and shoulder massage £40 


Legs £30 –  If your muscles are tense from working out or you just fancy a 30 minute leg massage to free your legs from aches or built up tension then this treatment is for you. Proven to also help improve circulation and reduce cellulite 


Hand And Foot Massage £40 – An all time favourite, we forget just how much time we spend on our feet and how often we use our hands. Relax and unwind in our shabby chic candle lit room and enjoy a 30 minute hand and foot massage 


Indian Head £40 – Are you stressed and tired? Ever suffer with headaches or migraines? Then come and unwind with an Indian head massage. During this treatment we will release any tension via all pressure points in and around  your head and face using essential oils allowing you to relax and escape reality for 30mins 


Full Body £75  – We will all admit that sometimes we take our bodies for granted. It’s important that we take time out to thank our body for all it does. This treatment will allow you to relax your body and mind. This is a 60 minutes treatment from head to toe that works on all areas of the body to improve circulation, reduce cellulite and rid you of any aches or pains 


Hopi Ear Candle £30 – This is a gentle, soothing and relaxing treatment. Relieving any problems from within the ear, nose, throat and sinus areas of the body. It calms the mind, relaxes your senses and rebalances pressure within the ear. Not only is it beneficial for the sinuses but also for the lymphatic system draining any toxins from the body, leaving you feeling refreshed and rebalanced 


Facial 30 minutes £45. 55 minutes £55– Our skin is the biggest organ in the body which is why it needs to be looked after. We are all guilty of not giving it the attention it needs. There are lots of factors that impact on the skin such as the weather, hormones and diet to name but a few. This treatment allows you to relax whilst we rejuvenate your skin using our natural and vegan products specially tailored to your skins needs. This treatment includes a full cleanse, exfoliation, rehydration, tone, face mask and massage. Leaving  you feeling fresh faced with your natural glow shining through. 

Sports Massage - 30 Minutes £35. 60 Minutes £50 see subscriptions for savings when booking regular treatments


Spray Tan £26 (Two for £40 T&C’s apply)  – An even and full coverage that gives you a natural tan lasting up to 10 days. Fragranced with orange and mandarin. This treatment will leave you with a natural and healthy glow. When your tan begins to fade it can be exfoliated off and topped back up here at Si Salon.

Please Note: When having a spray tan we recommend you exfoliate and shave 24 hours before your tan and do NOT moisturise. Avoid wearing make-up, deodorant or perfume before your spray tan. We do however have wipes that can be used if needed. We recommend wearing loose, dark clothing and flip flops. 

Sunbeds - Here at sì salon we have two sun-beds:

- Lay down 

- Standup 

Courses are available and walk-ins are welcome. (Check out our subscriptions if you are a regular tanner)


Whether you’re after a sleek up-do or big bouncy curls, our hair specialists will work with you to achieve your desired look.


Wash and blow dry £30

Wash, blow dry and styled £35

Hair up 60-90mins £45-50

Hair straightened or curled £30

Hair and makeup £80


Here at Sì Salon we have a endless collection of CND Shellac & O.P.I colours to choose from.

CND Shellac is a long lasting polish that is cured under a LED lamp, giving a chip- free , flawless result. Shellac dries immediately once cured under the lamp, allowing you to carry out your day instantaneously without having to worry about smudging the nail polish. This usually lasts 3-4 weeks.

Shellac manicure £25

Shellac pedicure £25

(Shape, cuticles, shellac application) 


Luxury pedicure £45 add shellac for £10 - Treat your hard working feet to some TLC. This treatment will rehydrate and refresh tired feet. This includes an exfoliating foot scrub, softening foot mask placed in warm booties, cuticle work, a lower leg and foot massage. The best way to restore your feet! 


Shellac removal £10 - It is essential that you remove all shellac properly to ensure any damage occurring to the natural nail. Removal takes 5-10 minutes, your nails are wrapped in acetone foils, soaking off any residue 


Alternatively we have our glossy O.P.I Lacquer which offers a 7day wear.


Mini manicure £20 (shape, cuticles, varnish application)


Mini pedicure £20 (shape, cuticles, varnish application)


Luxury manicure £30 add shellac for £10 - The perfect pampering session for your hands! Replenishing your hands with a luxurious manicure designed to plump and smooth dry skin. You’ll receive a soak, cuticle work, hand and lower arm massage along with a rehydrating hand mask 

Dip Extensions £35 - perfect to add a little length and improve shape. 


Without Light Treatment - Per Treatment £39
Without Light Treatment -
Per Treatment £59