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Spray Tan £26 (Two for £40 T&C’s apply)  – An even and full coverage that gives you a natural tan lasting up to 10 days. Fragranced with orange and mandarin. This treatment will leave you with a natural and healthy glow. When your tan begins to fade it can be exfoliated off and topped back up here at Si Salon.

Please Note: When having a spray tan we recommend you exfoliate and shave 24 hours before your tan and do NOT moisturise. Avoid wearing make-up, deodorant or perfume before your spray tan. We do however have wipes that can be used if needed. We recommend wearing loose, dark clothing and flip flops. 

Sunbeds - Here at sì salon we have two sun-beds:

- Lay down 
- Standup 

Courses are available and walk-ins are welcome. (Check out our subscriptions if you are a regular tanner)

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